Milling is the process of precisely grinding asphalt or concrete. This process leaves the existing surface ready to be re-paved and the milled up asphalt can be beneficially reused as a part of new asphalt mix or as a parking lot material. Whether your project calls for full or partial depth milling for pavement maintenance projects or micro-milling to remove wheel ruts or draining issues, we have a diverse fleet of equipment to handle the task.

Our current fleet includes (3) Wirtgen W220i, (1) Wirtgen 1900, (3) Wirtgen W50Ri Mini-Mill and Micro Mill heads for our machines with a tight tooth spacing (customized) for a smoother result which is often needed to correct wheel ruts or drainage issues. Additionally, we have a full fleet of clean-up equipment including street sweepers/brooms, skid loaders, and backhoes to keep the job site clean behind us and ready for new paving.